Today’s Headlines

  • Supreme Court Concludes Healthcare Hearings
  • Video Casts New Doubt on Zimmerman’s Self-Defense Claim
  • Rep. Bobby Rush Ejected from House Floor for Donning Hoodie
  • Arab League Backs Annan’s Syria Plan
  • Study: Major Increase in U.S. Attacks in Yemen
  • U.S. Halts Food Aid to North Korea
  • ECOWAS Leaders Head to Mali amid Pro-Coup Rallies
  • Clashes End Between Sudan, South Sudan After Summit Canceled
  • Report: Afghan Women Persecuted for Fleeing Abuse
  • Oklahoma Judge Rejects Ultrasound Law; House Panel Approves 2 Anti-Abortion Bills
  • Poet, Social Critic Adrienne Rich Dies at 82

This is a summary of news headlines from the United States and around the world as reported by Democracy Now! on Thursday March 29. To watch the complete independent, global weekday news hour, read the transcript or download the podcast, visit


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