1-Year-Old Drowns In Family’s Washing Machine

HILLSBORO, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — A 21-month-old boy was laid to rest after drowning in his family home’s washing machine.

Ollie Hebb’s body was found by his mother in their Hillsboro, Ore., home on March 23.

“I walked around through my whole house calling his name and couldn’t find him anywhere,” Tiffany Hebb told KSL-TV. “And then I put my hands in the washer and felt his little body. The worst day of my life.”

According to the Deseret News, Hebb ran to a neighbor’s house to help get the stuck toddler out of the washing machine. The neighbor then began performing CPR on Ollie’s lifeless body.

“I couldn’t get him out of the washer; he was stuck,” she told the Deseret News. “So I pulled his head above the water, and he had no heartbeat, no pulse. He wasn’t breathing.”

Ollie’s heart restarted nearly an hour later. He was put on life support for 24 hours before the family decided to let him go.

“We just held him, cuddling him for his last moments of life,” Hebb told the paper. “Six hours later, he took his last breath and passed away.”

Ollie was buried this past weekend in Utah.


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