All Pork Goes To Heaven: Company Offering Bacon Coffins

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Bacon lovers rejoice, for now not even death can separate you from your favorite pork product.

Seattle-based bacon product purveyors J&D’s Foods have recently come out with a bacon coffin that allows its owner to rest in peace surrounded by the sight and smell of bacon.

“This genuine bacon casket is made of 18 Gauge Gasketed Steel with Premium Bacon Exterior/Interior, and includes a Memorial and Record Tube, Adjustable Bed and Mattress and Stationary and Swingbar handles,” the website reads. “It also includes a bacon air freshener for when you get that buried-underground, not-so-fresh feeling.”

And for only $2,999.99, you can secure for yourself an eternal resting spot cloaked in “the eternal glory that is bacon.”

Beware of bacon buyer’s remorse, though, as returning the coffin is not allowed after purchase.

J&D’s Foods is a tongue-in-cheek operation that focuses on turning every product imaginable into homage to the traditional breakfast side. Funded initially by winning $5,000 on “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” the online store sells everything from bacon lip balm to bacon popcorn.


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