Today, justice is served on the Supreme Court; “conservatism”; Afghanistan; the Trayvon Martin case; the Republicon Party and women; the President’s way of waging war; Myanmar/Burma and the “war on drugs”.

ANOTHER 5-4 ruling today from the Supreme Court, so it’s Senior Legal Analyst time! PLUS, it’s a MAJOR ruling sure to expose the rifts in American politics! Just who is the “conservative” around here, anyway?

A new poll on Afghanistan shows that it truly is time to go!

A media study shows just how badly the police in Florida botched the Trayvon Martin case investigation and it gives me another chance to do Senior Legal Analyst time!

There is a huge gender gap between women voters and the ‘Cons. Care to guess why? Will Governor Etch-A-Sketch flip and flop again to try to bridge the gap?

The President does not launch massive ground army invasions like his predecessor. So, how DOES this President wage war?

I have an inspiring story from Myanmar/Burma. I have a new Nelson Mandela for you and SHE is awesome!

I also have another reminder that the “war on drugs” is a joke and a failure. Can we declare victory and stop now?

On Beyond The Norm, a new tax season scam and it’s one you may be aware of from their TV ads!

Fierce independence means having no fear. We prove this every day here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Has Big Supreme Court Analysis On Todays Norman Goldman Show

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