Norm Tackles All The Big Stories On Today’s Norman Goldman Show

Today on the radio, justice is served on the latest Republicon talking points; the economy; ALEC; God and the universe and such; Senior Legal Analyst time and Trayvon Martin!

E-mailers have alerted me to the latest Republicon talking points – I have noticed them in the sound clips we do daily, but it has all crystallized for me now and I’ll share with you today!

Lots of economic numbers are out and they point to an improving economy. Will this harm the ‘Cons and help keep their filthy claws away from power?

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is the focus when we visit with Alex Seitz-Wald today, from Think Progress!

Since it’s Good Friday and Easter is Sunday and Passover is now too, it seemed a good day to talk about God and the universe and such with a theologian who spends a LOT of time on these issues – from a very fresh perspective!

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with a look at the family of Trayvon Martin suing for money damages. What would such a case look like?

On Beyond The Norm, more tips to help you save on gasoline!

Fierce independence means being willing to take on taboo subjects. We do this regularly here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Tackles All The Big Stories On Todays Norman Goldman Show

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