Today Norm Is Serving Justice On A Lot Of People!

Today on the radio, a lot of justice gets served on a lot of people!

Rick Sanatorium is out of the Republicon presidential race, calling it quits today. Why, and what does this mean? Is it over on the Republicon side? Do we now have seven months of presidential campaign?

Senior Legal Analyst time is needed as George Zimmerman’s lawyers have withdrawn from the Trayvon Martin case and the special prosecutor prepares to announce whether criminal charges will be filed!

With tax filing day upon us, everyone is thinking and talking taxes. Let’s serve some justice on the tax issue today!

Race relations dominated the show yesterday and will get more attention today. Also, teen birth rates are way down – what does this signify?

On Beyond The Norm, our medical series continues – What is bursitis?

Fierce independence means being willing to make educated guesses. We do this as needed here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Today Norm Is Serving Justice On A Lot Of People!

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