Seattle City Light reporting power restored to most of Seattle following hour-long outage

Norm Is Still Live From Denver On Today’s Show!

Today, justice is served live from Denver’s AM 760, Colorado’s Progressive Talk! It’s Friday the 13th and scary things are indeed afoot!

Governor Etch-A-Sketch did a MAJOR pander job before the NRA. Even his wife got in on the action. News and commentary about this disgrace today!

Senior Legal Analyst news in the Trayvon Martin case. How do you get a judge thrown off a case? That’s the issue today!

Another week, another $2 billion wasted in Afghanistan. When will the madness end?

Will Colorado legalize marijuana this fall? A tragic story from the other side of the country proves why it must!

We focus in on the ridiculous Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case (“corporations are people, my friend!”) by talking about REAL citizen power in amending the Constitution!

On Beyond The Norm, last minute tax tips since taxes are due next week!

Fierce independence means tackling issues others consider taboo! We prove this regularly, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Is Still Live From Denver On Todays Show!

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