Today on the radio, we have a word of the day; justice is served on Iraq AND Afghanistan; our tax dollars; the environment; Ted Nugent; the Secret Service; consumer protection and the Post Office!

Sometimes we do a “word of the day” for a show theme and we have one today!

There is sad, tragic and infuriating news out of Afghanistan; plus Iraq gives us a glimpse of the Afghanistan future.

Ted Nugent is being interviewed by the Secret Service over his violent rhetoric against the President and other high government officials. Isn’t it weird that the Secret Service and Ted Nugent are getting together?

I have a waste, fraud and abuse story involving our tax dollars that makes the GSA scandal look like small potatoes. Where is the outrage over THIS massive waste of tax dollars?

I have a group of environmental stories for you today that should scare AND motivate you! Also, the Senate is trying to save the Post Office. Will it?

On Beyond The Norm, pure consumer protection with a scam involving sales of time shares.

Fierce independence means sounding different from other radio shows. We prove this daily, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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