The Shuttle Trainer is on the Way! After a 30-year career training crews for every shuttle mission, NASA’s FFT (Full Fuselage Trainer) is leaving its long-time home at the Johnson Space Center in Houston TX, bound for The Museum of Flight.

The larger components will be flown to Seattle by NASA’s famous Super Guppy transport aircraft with the first flight due to arrive on Saturday, June 16. According to the Museum of Flight website, other parts should be arriving by truck at the museum this week.

The reassembled trainer will be on display in the Museum’s new Charles Simonyi Space Gallery.

The FFT is a full-scale mockup of the space shuttle orbiter — without the wings. It was used as a test bed for upgrades to the shuttle fleet and for astronaut training such as extra-vehicular activity (EVA) and emergency egress. Built at Johnson Space Center in the 1970s, it was the oldest mockup in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (SVMF). The FFT includes flight quality systems, such as a payload bay, lighting and closed circuit TV (CCTV).

The Museum of Flight is located at:
9404 East Marginal Way S
Seattle, WA 98108

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