Today on the radio, justice MUST be served on Afghanistan; Republicon demagoguing of war and aggression; Rupert Murdoch; abortion; the economy; gas prices; May Day and wedge political issues – like “Stand Your Ground” laws!

In breaking news, the President flew into Afghanistan and will speak to the nation from Kabul. We will carry it live! The ‘Cons continue to cry and whine and moan about the Democrats being muscular on foreign policy. Boy, do they look pitiful!

Senior Legal Analyst time as the Oklahoma Supreme Court rejects a “personhood” amendment to the state’s law!

The British Parliament found Rupert Murdoch unfit as a human being – no, wait, check that – unfit to run his Fox Boobs empire. Details today!

LOTS of economic issues to discuss including gas prices. Have we heard much from Republicons on gas prices lately? Hmmmm…..

May Day is today and Occupy Wall Street was in the middle of it. Can this be OUR wedge political issue? Are there others?

On Beyond The Norm, in this tough economy, you can get around town in a car, inexpensively!

Fierce independence means doing what we think is best and disobeying orders of censorship! We prove this daily, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Is Serving Justice On All The Big Issues On Todays Norman Goldman Show

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