SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — A small start-up business in Seattle is growing in leaps and bounds, due in large part to the unique and specific nature of its product – the JoeyBra, a brassiere with a built-in storage pocket that allows women to carry valuables without need for a purse.

The company was founded earlier this year, the brainchild of University of Washington juniors Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow that started out as a class project.

“In freshman year, we would see all of these postings about people losing their phones … and [guys] were always carrying the girls’ stuff in their pockets,” Gentry told CBS Seattle.

When designing the bra for their class, the first priorities were the fit, comfort and discretion for girls of all sizes.

“I’m a small framed girl … and I wanted to carry an iPhone without having it show – that was our mission,” Gentry explained.

The side pocket seemed to hit all of the right notes with testers and patrons alike, and so far, sales have been “fantastic” with no signs of slowing.

The JoeyBra’s website states that the bra was “created for women who are constantly on the go and struggle to find a place to put their ID, keys, or phones.”

Some customers have even found alternative uses for the bra that go beyond convenience and give confidence to those who need a boost.

“One mom emailed us, saying that her daughter couldn’t wear party dresses because she had to have an insulin pump,” Gentry recalled. “She thanked us for creating the product, because finally her 15-year-old girl can feel beautiful wearing any clothing.”

The bra is presently available in leopard print, but the growing business is contemplating adding other colors, as well as a sports bra option, to the list of available bras.

Both Bartlow and Gentry feel fortunate for the experience.

Said Gentry, “We’re feeling very blessed right now – we’re so lucky to have people supporting us.”


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