Eric Boehlert, & The Rude Pundit On With Stephanie This Morning On The Stephanie Miller Show!

The Rude Pundit calls in at 6:30am to talk about The Day Of  Prayer and kicking Newt Gingrich when he’s down

Eric Boehlert, Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America, calls in at 7am to co-host Right Wing World

• Vice President Joe Biden went where President Barack Obama hasn’t yet gone: In support of same-sex marriage, saying he’s “absolutely comfortable” with it. A spokesperson for the vice president quickly walked that back and said his position is “evolving on the issue”

President Obama dropped the gloves against Mitt Romney on a trip that took him to two swing states on Saturday, leveling his most direct criticism to date of the presumptive GOP nominee while making the case for a second term.

• Although Mitt Romney is considered the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul won a majority of delegates at two state conventions in Nevada and Maine this weekend.

Socialist François Hollande defeated conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday to become France’s next president, heralding a change in how Europe tackles its debt crisis and how France flexes its military and diplomatic muscle around the world.


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