Today on the radio, justice is served on elections; on Texass; on Gov. Etch-A-Sketch; on Fox Boobs; on the “Global War On Terror” and runaway empire building!

There are significant elections to watch today and watch them we will! Will a longtime Republican Senator be shown the gate? Will North Carolina practice hate? We’ll see, today!

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with Planned Parenthood and Texass. You won’t believe the legal doings and machinations there!

Reset Romney cannot even be as strong in standing up for our values as John McCain – and the audio tells the story!

I was watching Fox Boobs this weekend and you won’t believe what they were doing – o.k., you WILL believe what they were doing – but it’s a great class in mind control and I’ll share it with you!

With the foiled underwear bombing out of Yemen yesterday, more news about how it happened. I’ll have it, and analysis, for you! This also plays into the Pentagon’s latest plans!

On Beyond The Norm, confession time! I got scammed by one of the scams I have been warning YOU about!

Fierce independence means being honest – even when I am the embarrassed one! We prove this as it happens here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!



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