Today on the radio, justice is served on Florida; on the “culture wars”; on JP Morgan Chase and weak government oversight; on God and God’s will; on health insurance; on the drug wars and on Ron and Rand Paul!

I have a basket full of “culture war issues” today – they DO all tie together! While there, I have a theological question, tied to today’s news.

Senior Legal Analyst time returns with a case of injustice from Florida. With all the talk about George Zimmerman gunning down Trayvon Martin, I have a case for you today to add to the injustice!

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has called for a new Glass-Steagall Act to oversee the financial markets. JP Morgan Chase’s actions of the last few days proves she is right!

The drug wars continue to rage in Mexico. Does anyone care?

The U.S. is lagging behind the rest of the world in health care coverage. We are missing the boat big time as I’ll illustrate today with Noam Levey of the Los Angeles Times!

Ron and Rand Paul BOTH made news today and this weekend. I’ll have both for you!

On Beyond The Norm, a case that proves the value of class action lawsuits!

Fierce independence means being willing to buck popular trends. We prove this often, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Is Serving Justice On Florida, The Culture Wars, and JP Morgan Chase On Todays Show!

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