Today on the radio, we serve justice on almost too many topics! John Boner, Governor Wretch-A-Sketch and the ‘Cons are trying to put the spotlight back on spending cuts. Let’s help them, shall we?!?!

MAJOR Senior Legal Analyst time today with three law stories – including the latest in the Trayvon Martin murder case; the John Edwards trial and a court case involving Citizens United and secret money in politics!

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson joins us to discuss his presidential bid and related issues! Also, Nebraska is getting a very interesting U.S. Senate race going and I”ll have details!

U.S. veterans are giving back their medals to protest the “war on terror” and THIS is causing controversy. What do YOU think of this?

The Presbyterian Church is now embroiled in the marriage equality issue. The what and wherefores of this today!

On Beyond The Norm, part two of our two-part corporate governance series. Can you say “Wal-Mart”???

Fierce independence means being willing to upset the status quo. We do this regularly, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Is Serving Justice On Almost Too Many Topics Today!

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