VANCOUVER, B.C. (CBS Seattle) – There’s nothing that screams “safe drug trafficking and smuggling” quite like ingesting 42 cocaine-filled condoms.

A man was arrested last month at Vancouver International Airport for trying to smuggle liquid cocaine in his stomach on a flight to Sydney, Australia.

On April 26, the man, whose name or information has not been released by the police, was questioned by border agents just as he was about to board his flight to Sydney. As agents with Canada Border Services Agency would interview the man, they noticed some inconsistencies in his statements and ordered a more thorough examination, according to CBSA. Once the officers determined the man had ingested a large amount of narcotics, he was escorted to a hospital. While there, the man would expel 42 condoms filled with a total of 1.26 kilograms of liquid cocaine.

The man and the drugs were transferred into the custody of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

“This seizure highlights the vigilance of our border services officers, as their training and experience led them to intercept a significant amount of suspected illegal drugs, even when such drastic concealment methods were used,” Ken Macpherson, head of the airport’s Canada Border Services Agency, said in a news release.


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