Today on the radio, justice is served on MANY topics! Afghanistan can never be far from our thoughts; but also, the economy; jobs; and the stock market are getting justice served today!

Senior Legal Analyst time may have never had such a big day! We have big news in the Trayvon Martin shooting case against George Zimmerman; more in Florida with election law issues on three fronts and the John Edwards case gets a wrap up from a VERY special legal guest!

Wisconsin’s recall election is next Tuesday and Alex Seitz-Wald has information about rampant criminality on Gov. Snott Walker’s staff. Will it reach the Governor himself and will this be public in time to change the election?

Yesterday’s segment on religion sparked a LOT of e-mails and discussion! I have some more to add (new material) to that and will do it today!

On Beyond The Norm, with all this law going on, I will do a pure law BTN, with Norm’s Law School in session! How do “counts” get into and out of cases?

Fierce independence means having no fear of tough issues. We prove this regularly, here, at the place where fierce independence IS the norm – The Norman Goldman Show!


dot clear Norm Is Serving Justice On MANY Topics On Fridays Show!

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