Police: Idaho Burglar Falls Asleep Hotwiring Honda Accord

POST FALLS, Idaho (AP) — A suspected north Idaho car burglar appears to have fallen asleep on the job.

Police say 33-year-old Jason D. Hill was arrested during the wee hours of Thursday morning after he was caught napping inside one of the vehicles he was trying to steal outside a Post Falls apartment complex.

According to authorities, Hill intended to hotwire the 1991 Honda Accord but his plan was foiled shortly after 4 a.m., when he was found asleep at the wheel by the vehicle’s owner, who then called police.

Hill was wearing gloves and police say he appears to have been removing the car’s stereo when he nodded off. He is suspected of breaking into four vehicles parked at the apartment complex.

Police say the vehicle Hill drove to the scene was stolen.

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