Court Rules Drunk Driver Should Pay For Officer’s Ripped Pants, Not Damaged Car

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A recalcitrant drunken driver must pay $68 to replace pants that a Boise Police Department officer ripped during a foot chase, but not $1,088 to fix a patrol car damaged when it hit the man’s dog.

Raymond Nienburg of Boise has been arrested for drunken driving eight times.

His latest arrest was Sept. 1, 2010, after which he pleaded guilty and was sent to prison for up to 15 years.

During the incident, Nienburg attempted to flee.

An officer caught him, but ripped his pants while in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, a backup patrol car was damaged when it struck and killed Nienburg’s dog after the hound jumped from his car’s open door.

The Idaho Court of Appeals on Friday agreed Nienburg should pay for the pants, not the vehicle damage.

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