Part 1 of 3 “Mobile Marketing – Get a Move On, Benefit From Your Wi-Fi Network!”


You may already have complete access to the “magic” that is Wi-Fi and not even know. This single application is able to deliver your company’s message and benefits to your customers in a whole new place – in more ways than one.

What if your business had the ability to provide targeted promotional offers and coupons directly to your loyal customers – on their smart phones? Pretty sweet, huh?

Does your company already have access to putting mobile marketing into practice? Many of you may use a Wi-Fi network in your business for simple mobile worker applications. The article Aruba Unveils Wi-Fi Solution for In-Store Mobile Marketinguncovers some interesting facts from a survey querying retail IT departments…SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!

Major Wi-Fi findings were:

  • 78% of businesses have in-store Wi-Fi
  • 53% of businesses use a Wi-Fi network primarily for inventory control

Targeted deployment in the next 2 years:

  • 29% Self-Shopping
  • 38% Customer Wi-Fi Access

To help put these findings in perspective, 36% of results were from companies that operate more than 1,000 stores, while 19% represented companies that owned 50 or fewer stores. Utilizing mobile marketing applications isn’t just for “The Big Boys”. If you have a Wi-Fi network, your business is able to realize the benefits. If you don’t, find an IT professional to help you set-up a network. You won’t be sorry!

Emerging nature of mobile marketing

How about we refer to some Nielsen Research? Research projects that over 50% of the US population will own a smartphone by the end of 2012. That’s not so long from now. 66% of consumers will be researching products and prices online while in stores. Combine these findings with the results concerning the emergence of Wi-Fi and you can see how important it is that your firm capitalizes on these trends. There are 3 more technological factors that support the importance of applying mobile marketing.

  • In-store customer Wi-Fi engagement
  • Wi-Fi optimized smartphone applications
  • Presence and location intelligence – in-store message targeting

In-Store Customer Wi-Fi Engagement


Securely capture customers and deliver personalized access as well as targeted messages that may be in the context of your product/service offers or advertisements. One example of Wi-Fi engagement software is offered by Aruba’s Amigopod.


Wi-Fi Optimized Smartphone Applications

Offer a rich and personalized shopping experience for your customers by improving application responsiveness and improve the targeted-nature of offers provided to specific customers inside the store.


Presence and Location Intelligence

Wi-Fi can supply real-time presence information that therefore permits store-level message targeting. Specifically, Aruba Wi-Fi software would enable you to deliver a highly-personalized and differentiated mobile shopping experience.

Steve Whitaker

Steve’s light Bulb Moments LLC


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