Website Allows Employees To Tell Off Boss Anonymously

BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada (CBS Seattle) — Want to tell off your boss without fear of facing repercussion? One Canadian company will let you do so.

Happiily, a start-up company, has recently launched a website where you can tell your boss anything in complete anonymity.

According to the Tell Your Boss Anything profile page, the company’s primary focus is on employee feedback. They believe that people may not feel comfortable sharing every thought and feeling with their manager.

“It’s an easy way for employees to feel secure that they won’t get retribution if their manager doesn’t like what they say,” Tom Williams, the founder of Happiily, told Businessweek.

The program will limit vulgarity, though.

“Be mean and you get what’s coming to you,” Williams told Businessweek.

Managers can see one message from a sender for free, but the service will cost $20 a month after that.


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