Seattle True Crime author Ann Rule’s next book, Fatal Friends, Deadly Neighbors, will take a close up look at the case of Susan Cox Powell, a missing Utah woman, whose husband Josh Powell eventually moved himself and his two young boys to Washington state. In a horrific tragedy on February 5, 2012 Josh Powell killed himself and his two boys in a house fire in Graham, WA.

According to Simon & Shuster, Ann’s next book will be available on November 27, 2012.

Author Leslie Rule, Ann’s daughter, posted this on Ann Rule’s website: “Ann Rule had been trying to avoid cases where children are victims as she finds it too emotionally draining to immerse herself in their stories. But she had been already working on Susan’s story before the shocking murder of Charlie and Braden. Susan’s family expects her to finish the book and she is proceeding. (Ann was especially touched to learn that she was one of Susan Cox Powell’s favorite authors.) Ann is determined to write a book that will not only honor the memory of the three victims but will call attention to the fact that we need stricter laws concerning visitations with abusive, estranged parents.”

The book is also expected to cover the 2011 case of Rebecca Zahau, the 32-year old girlfriend of a billionaire who was found dead in her wealthy boyfriend’s home just days after the 54-year old man’s 6-year old son died as the result of falling down the home’s stairway, according to a San Diego news station’s website.

–Tama Fulton, Seattle CBS Local


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