tailgatefan 420 1 Great Gadgets For The Lazy Tailgater

The 12th man works hard inside Century Link Field to give the Seahawks the upper hand when they’re playing at home. All of that screaming and stomping gets tiring and you cannot forget the hours of tailgating that precede the actual game. Here are some tailgating gadgets that will take all of the stress and hard work out of the tailgate so you can be 100 percent when you get into your seat.

If you’re a tailgate pro and you have been doing it for years, then you have probably made a couple of great friends around the lot. Going from coast to coast, so to speak, through a bunch of wild Seahawks fans can be exhausting for your feet. One way to move in style and with ease from tailgate to tailgate is to hop on the Rockboard Scooter. You’ll never have to put your sandals down on the beer-soaked pavement as you cruise through the parking lot because this scooter is powered by leaning forward and back with your feet on the deck. All you need is to attach a cup holder and get a couple of Seahawks decals and you’ll have the slickest pair of wheels on the lot.

Setting up a legendary tailgate in the heat of early fall is not easy. In addition to your cooking tools, refreshment tables and tailgate games, you need to establish an area where people can kick back and hang out. Lugging huge tents, tables and chairs to each game can become an aggravating task, and assembling them on game day is the last thing a Seattle fan all set for a party wants to do. For a simple source of instant tailgating accommodations, look to Instant Tailgate. This inflatable tailgate arrangement has four inflatable “captain’s” chairs and a canopy that is supported by four inflatable pillars. The inflation process takes all of five minutes and in no time you’re sitting back with a drink in your cup-holder, enjoying the pre-game festivities with your pals.

For those tailgaters that love the char-grilled taste of burgers and dogs on the open coals but hate the cleanup that comes with a traditional grill, the solution is all wrapped up in one box. Disposable grills like the EZ Grill are great solutions for fast, easy barbecuing. All of the cooking elements are included in the box: cooking tin, charcoal and grill top. And if you feel guilty about throwing away a grill you only used once, don’t. EZ Grill is advertised as totally recyclable. Even the charcoal is 100-percent natural and does not contain chemicals like borax or petroleum, which could leave your food with a nasty flavor.

Everyone knows one Seahawks fan who takes tailgating so seriously that he or she will not let anything interrupt the celebration in the parking lot. Even with nature calling, these 12th-man die-hards will not lose sight of their game of washers or leave the grill unattended for more than one minute. A company called Bio Relief was evidently thinking of these die-hards when they created the Stadium Pal portable urinal. With this marvel of modern technology, men don’t even have to put down their cup to use the restroom. The collection bag straps discretely to your inner calf, giving you the type of concealment that only James Bond can truly appreciate. The only thing you’ll need is a great excuse as to why you haven’t visited the facilities once in the four hours you’ve been tailgating.

Jamie Harrison is a Seattle sports enthusiast. His work can be found at Examiner.com.

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