SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — A recent study conducted at the University of Groningen has found that women experiencing sexual arousal are less likely to experience feelings of disgust.

The report, conducted through the Department of Clinical Psychology and Experimental Psychopathology at the Netherlands institution, was published Wednesday in Plos One.

A reported 90 women were selected and then sorted into three groups – sexual arousal, non-sexual positive arousal, and neutral control – that were each influenced by film clips intended by researchers to create the desired emotions in participants.

Then, each group took part in 16 tasks, both of a sexual and non-sexual nature. Activities allegedly included lubricating a vibrator and drinking from a cup with a large insect inside.

Researchers measured the impact sexual arousal had on the participants’ individual levels of disgust and avoidance behavior in different situations.

“The sexual arousal group rated the sex related stimuli as less disgusting compared to the other groups. A similar tendency was evident for the non-sex disgusting stimuli,” the study found. “For both the sex and non-sex related behavioral tasks the sexual arousal group showed less avoidance behavior. They conducted the highest percentage of tasks compared to the other groups.”

Those involved in the study find it significant in understanding the link between sexual stimulation and feelings of disgust in women, according to the report.

The study additionally noted, “[T]hese findings suggest that low sexual arousal might be a key feature in the maintenance of particular sexual dysfunctions.”

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