BERLIN, Germany (CBS Seattle) — A Jewish police officer in Berlin could face possible disciplinary action for wearing a yarmulke during a demonstration.

The Times of Israel reports that 59-year-old Tuvia Schlesinger, a chief inspector, was told he violated the 2005 neutrality law which bars policemen from wearing religious symbols in public while on duty.

Schlesinger donned the yarmulke after a journalist gave him one during a rally for a rabbi who was attacked for being Jewish.

“I usually don’t wear a kippa, but I granted his request,” Schlesinger said, according to the paper. “As soon as I donned the kippa and the cameras started clicking, I realized that it was the wrong thing to do.”

Schlesinger said he wore the religious symbol because of the rise of anti-Semitic attacks in Berlin.

“I don’t want anybody to forbid me from wearing a kippa — not even my superiors,” he said, according to the paper. “I am Jewish and I stand by that, and that’s it.”

Schlesinger’s superiors will decide if the Jewish officer will face any sort of disciplinary action for wearing the kippa during a hearing.


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