For diehard Seattle Seahawks fans, tailgating around the stadium is a must for all home games. While season ticket holders may get the best tailgating spots directly north of CenturyLink Field, there are several other fan-favorite tailgating parking lots within a short walking distance.

For Season Ticket Holders

If you are a Seattle Seahawks season ticket holder, you have the privilege of parking and tailgating in the North Lot. Tailgating usually begins about three to four hours before kick-off time. The North Lot allows cars, trucks and limited RV parking. Since this lot is part of the stadium grounds, there are strict rules enforced:

  • Limit of one parking stall per vehicle
  • Chairs, awnings and barbecues cannot extend beyond the parking space
  • No deep-fat fryers allowed
  • No charcoal barbecues allowed (propane only)
  • No glass containers
  • No kegs or other large beverage containers
  • No alcoholic beverage consumption in a public area
  • No sports activities (this includes throwing/catching footballs)
  • No fighting

Hawk Heaven Lot

Located about two blocks west of CenturyLink Field, directly under the Alaskan Way Viaduct, is the Hawk Heaven parking lot. This Diamond pay parking lot is also known as “Tailgaters Heaven” and is said to be one of the best tailgating spots in Seattle. Parking spaces fill up fast at this off-site lot so it is best to arrive early. If you are traveling by RV, plan to arrive before 8 a.m. and pay about $100 for parking. While local police monitor this tailgating lot from time to time, it does allow much more leniency when it comes to tailgating activities. You will find everything here from tapped kegs and wine to barbecued burgers, steak or steamed crab.

Additional Tailgating Lots

Other recommended parking lots that sit within a few blocks of CenturyLink Field include the corner lot at Airport Way South and 6th Avenue. Another corner lot that is within walking distance of the stadium is at 8th Avenue and South Holgate Street. Lastly, there is a pay lot on South Jackson Street, directly under Interstate 5. While it can get a little noisy due to the traffic passing overhead, tailgaters generally drown out this noise with music or satellite TV. The average cost on game day for a space at any of these lots runs between $10 and $25.

Grocery Store Lots

Safeway is an avid supporter of the Seattle Seahawks and promotes “The Safeway Game Day Experience.” Seattle Safeway stores began this ritual due to the city’s ranking as one of the worst for NFL tailgating. Safeway tailgating parties begin at 8 a.m. and end at kick-off time. They are completely free, offering food, non-alcoholic beverages, big-screen TVs, gaming opportunities and prizes.

Touchdown City

For those seeking an indoor, family-oriented tailgating location, try Touchdown City located inside of the CenturyLink Field Event Center. Entry to Touchdown City is free and it provides more than enough food and drinks for people of all ages. Plus, there are big-screen TVs for game watching and the Seattle Sea Gals show up periodically to do free meet-and-greet appearances.

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Post Author: Sue Gabel. Sue Gabel has been writing entertainment and travel-related articles in the greater Puget Sound/Seattle area since 1999. She writes about music, the Seattle scene and more. Her work can be found on

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