London Shops Accused Of Selling 15-Pound Rat Meat

LONDON (CBS Seattle) — A market in London is accused of selling 15-pound rat meat.

According to BBC News, an undercover investigation found that some shops at the Ridley Road Market sold “shocking” quantities of cane rat, an African rodent which can weigh in excess of 15 pounds.

The BBC also found that shops sold illegal “smokies,” which is the charring of a sheep or goat with a blow torch.

“This is shocking, I am just so shocked to see so much of it,” Paul Povey, member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, told the BBC. “It’s all illegal and hasn’t undergone health control, hasn’t been inspected and may well be contaminated.”

When confronted with the information, shops that reportedly sold the rat meat denied any wrongdoing.

“I don’t sell rats, I never sell rats, I don’t sell rats,” the unidentified manager of Great Expectations told BBC.

The Hackney Council told The Independent that its officers “will look into this and take the appropriate action.”

Cane rats are usually smuggled into the United Kingdom to be sold for their meat.


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