SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — A man accused of flashing people in a public park told police that he was sunbathing when a passer-by reportedly caught him sitting topless with his pants around his ankles.

Last month, the unidentified 23-year-old woman saw Tracy J. McDonald undressed in the park while she was walking her dog. He was allegedly masturbating and staring at her, in addition to wearing almost no clothing.

Seattle Post Intelligencer learned that McDonald told police he was tanning, when asked about his disrobed state.

“He said he was getting ‘some sun,’” Det. Donna Stangeland was quoted as telling the court. “There was absolutely no sun where he was standing.”

Though reportedly released at the time, McDonald was arrested several weeks later in Everett, and has been accused of flashing twice in Snohomish County.

McDonald, 44, reportedly has two felony indecent exposure convictions on his record, in addition to three more for misdemeanor indecent exposure.

The paper learned that he is now being held on $50,000 bail in the Snohomish County jail.


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