Occupy Tacoma (OT) activists are planning a two day celebration of the first anniversary of their movement.

On Sunday, October 14 beginning at 1:00pm Occupy Tacoma activists will gather at Tollefson Plaza in Tacoma and then reenact the original march to Occupation
Park (Don Pugnetti Park) located at 21st and Pacific. Marchers will carry banners and displays.

The rally at Occupation Park will take up most of Sunday and Monday, October 15 starting at 1:00pm. The celebration will feature well-known speakers, music performance, improvisational skits, giant props, political art, and other activities.

There will be several of the original tents onsite for people to autograph and write messages. Afterward, Occupy Tacoma will donate those tents to the Washington State History Museum for an Occupy Tacoma display.

On Monday evening, October 15, supporters will march back to Tollefson Plaza for a finale. Occupy will also gather up any of their trash, and leave these facilities as they found them.

A main theme of this 2-day event will be ONE BIG TENT FOR THE 99%.

Occupy Tacoma had one of the longest-lived occupations in the country. At the height of the occupation, there were an estimated 70 or more tents, with many dozens more daytime supporters and visitors. The occupiers worked hard to maintain the park and had a code of conduct that included no drugs, no violence, no alcohol.

Area residents claimed the crime rate went down during the occupation, and Occupy Tacoma generally enjoyed good relations with local businesses, residents, and the police.

Although the occupation has ended, Occupy Tacoma continues to function and engage in protest and political activities. Occupy Tacoma started as a part of the larger Occupy Wall Street movement, which took its inspiration from the nonviolent mass movements that erupted across the middle east and Europe in 2011 and
spread around the world.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.occupytacoma.org, or visit their Facebook page HERE.


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