Police: Mom Burned 6-Year Old’s Hands For Touching iPad

EVERETT, Wash. (CBS Seattle) – Police have arrested a woman accused of burning her son’s hands as a punishment for touching an iPad.

Karina Torrescano Hernandez, 27, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and second-degree assault of a child.

Police were summoned after school officials first noticed the burns on the boy. According to the officials, the boy began crying when asked how he got the injuries.

Investigators questioned the boy’s mother and she told them that the boy burned his hands while “trying to toast marshmallows on the stove.”

But the boy’s babysitter said in a statement that “the boy was intentionally burned because he misbehaved.”

According to KOMO-TV, the boy and his 3-year-old brother told police that their mom hit them with a spoon, shoe, or a “witches broom” when they misbehaved.

The boys then each admitted that their mother burned the older son’s hands because he “touched an iPad.”

Friend and neighbor Lisa Infante told KOMO-TV that she was shocked to learn about the allegations. “None of us here that live here could even imagine her doing something like that to her child. She really takes really good care of her kids,” Infante told the station. “She’s a good person. A very good person.”

Hernandez was booked into jail and her bail was set at $25,000.

The boy’s hands have healed and the children are currently staying with a relative.



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