PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. (CBS Seattle) – Jefferson County, Wash., residents will be voting for the president and vice president of the “Untied States.”

The Jefferson County ballot contains a major typo on its presidential ballot, misspelling the United States.

“Yes, it’s a typo,” County Auditor Donna Eldridge told the Peninsula Daily News.

The mistake appears on 22,596 ballots.

The county was not aware of the mistake until it was brought to their attention by the Peninsula Daily News, which was alerted by a voter.

“We went over this several times with five staff members, but somehow this one got through,” Eldridge told the Daily News.

According to the paper, the county proofreads the ballots in teams, with one reading the language to the other.

“With many words, it doesn’t matter as long as you have the first letters and the last letters spelled right, people know what you mean,” Eldridge explained to the Daily News.

She went on to say that this isn’t even the worst mistake from their office.

A few years ago the word “superintendent” was misspelled on the ballot for the office of superintendent of public instruction.

Another time the race for Superior Court judge wasn’t even on the ballot.

“I’m glad you brought this to us on a Tuesday instead of a Friday,” she said to the Peninsula Daily News, “because it would have ruined our weekend.”


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