Seattle City Council Considering Dropping Hygiene Standards For Taxi Drivers

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) — Seattle is looking to drop hygiene standards for the city’s taxi drivers.

According to KOMO-TV, changes in next year’s budget package would eliminate dress code and hygiene standards.

Many Seattle taxi drivers applaud the proposed change.

“Our company should regulate, not the city,” Jagjit Singh told KOMO. “This is an independent job.”

KOMO reports that Seattle’s current hygiene standards include “an absence of offensive body odor” and “well groomed” facial hair.

“Basically they’re saying, ‘Treat us like adults,'” Denise Movius, deputy director of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services, told the station. “We don’t dictate to any other business in the city how they should dress.”

Hospitality officials, though, are worried that these measures could leave potential tourists and customers with a negative image of the city.

“We’re trying to be a world-class city. I don’t think this goes in the right direction,” Eli Darland, a limo service owner told the station. “Most of the hotels are appalled at the level of service that the taxis are giving. Now Seattle is saying, ‘Hey, let’s make it worse.'”

Seattle’s city council still needs to vote to approve the measure.


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