EUGENE, Ore. (CBS Seattle) –– A local man attracted the attention of multiple media outlets after he posted pictures with the help of a woman he initially claimed was his daughter.

The pictures, which showed the woman in provocative positions and wearing revealing outfits, were included in an eBay posting for a 1977 Datsun Z-Series 280Z belonging to Kim Ridley, owner of Ridley’s Rides.

However, the 20-year-old woman identified as Lexxa is reportedly not his daughter, Ridley now claims.

Ridley told KVAL-TV that the woman is actually just a friend who has helped him with selling cars in the past. He reportedly added that the misunderstanding was a joke that had gone too far.

The young woman was photographed with the car while wearing a cleavage-baring yellow tank top and either short shorts or strategically torn jeans. She is seen leaning over it in some shots, and seated on the hood in others.

In one photograph, the car is captured in between Lexxa’s open legs.

According to the eBay listing, the car ultimately sold for $7,500, and received five bids while it was still on the market.

When asked by Ad Week about the choice to photograph the young woman in such a fashion, he reportedly did not express remorse, instead buying into the age-old adage of “sex sells.”

“If I felt bad about it, I wouldn’t do it,” he was quoted as saying to AdFreak while still acting under the guise that Lexxa was his child. “Girls and dogs attract people’s attention.”

Ridley has also used his dog, Max, in several of his listings, Ad Week learned.

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