Bathroom Guide for CenturyLink Field Tailgaters

Enjoy all of the amenities CenturyLink Field has to offer (Credit, Omane Agyekum)

At Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, Seahawks fans and tailgaters will be happy to know this sports venue is fully equipped to cater to its more than 65,000-plus seat capacity. The stadium features spacious concourses and over 70 percent of the comfortable seating areas are covered. Additionally, fans can find public restrooms on every level of the stadium, with some being conveniently located near all exits.

Family and Disability Friendly

The majority of the public restrooms in CenturyLink Field are considered family friendly. If you’re attending a game with your small children in tow, parents can utilize the convenient diaper-changing station areas. Mothers will also have a private space equipped with nursing chairs to feed their infants. The stadium also has a total of 63 restrooms specifically made for wheelchair accessibility, meaning at least one to two restrooms in every bathroom area is equipped to cater to the disabled.

Main Concourse

CenturyLink Field’s main concourse features two guest services centers, the stadiums Hawks Nest area of an additional 2,200 seats, four retail shops, one ATM machine, three first-aid stations and three elevators. For this part of the venue, public bathrooms are most abundant along the eastern side and southern end of the stadium, as are concession stands and water fountains.

Upper Level

On the upper level of CenturyLink Field, fans will find the largest number of restrooms conveniently located all along the eastern and western sides of the venue, as well as in the northwestern and northeastern corners and all along the southern end of the stadium. Much like the main concourse, concessions and water fountains can be found near to each restroom facility. Also on the upper level, fans will have access to three elevators, two ATM machines, two first aid stations and five retail stores. If you do not wish to wait for the elevator, there are four sets of stairs available for easy exiting.

CenturyLink Suites

CenturyLink Field has three kinds of suites available to fans including the club level, suite level and red zone suites. The suites at CenturyLink Field are a VIP experience you’ll not want to miss if given the opportunity. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a stadium suite, you’ll not only have one of the best viewing seats in the stadium, but you will also have access to private restrooms right within the suite. Suite prices also include all food and drinks so you can have your own personal tailgating party throughout the game.

For red zone suites, there are three VIP entrances in the southwest, northwest and northeast corners of the stadium. Club level suites may be accessed through a VIP entrance toward the south end of the venue on level five, while suite level suites may be accessed in the same area, but on level six. Other VIP entrances available for the club level and suite level suites are at the northeast and northwest corners of the stadium. Additional bathrooms are available on the club suite level via one of two club lounges located at the eastern and western side of the venue, as well as the FSN lounge at the southern end.

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