CALGARY, Canada (CBS Seattle) – A Canadian woman who was shot by her ex-boyfriend in 2006 told the court during his trial that her breast implants may have saved her life.

“My implants took the brunt of the force,” the woman, Eileen Likness, was quoted as saying while testifying Wednesday.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the defendant, Frank Chora, shot a 9mm handgun at Likness. The bullet reportedly grazed her right arm before travelling through both her breasts. It then exited her body through her left forearm.

She told the Sun that the shooting destroyed her breasts. After recovering from the gunshot wounds, Likness had to undergo further surgery.

“I had to wait some time, but yes, I had some put back in,” Likness told the Sun.

Chora is on trial for attempted murder and aggravated assault with a weapon. He also faces multiple offenses which after the shooting, the paper additionally learned.


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