How To Celebrate A Birthday With A Tailgate Party In Seattle

Combine your birthday with a Seahawks game (Credit, Omane Agyekum)

Birthday celebrations are always highly anticipated events among family and friends, and what better way to celebrate than with an NFL-themed tailgate party? Whether the Seattle Seahawks are playing at home or away, use this guide to plan an awesome get together that combines the best aspects of both tailgating and a traditional birthday party.

1. Choose your venue. If you have the time and space to plan for a party at home, utilize your den, family room or basement area as your party space. Set up extra seating for guests and tables for food, and make sure you have your home entertainment center equipped so everyone can see and hear the Seahawks game. Another option would be to reserve space at one of your favorite sports bars, restaurants or another venue where you know the Seahawks game will be televised.

2. Food and beverages. You can opt to make your own party foods and drinks or get takeout that everyone will like. If you have space reserved at a local venue, make arrangements with the staff to either bring in your own food and cake, or to have them cater your birthday and tailgating event. If the bar or restaurant offers happy hour specials, don’t forget to make use of those to save on beverage costs.

3. Buy Seahawks-themed decorations, party favors and other supplies. No birthday party is complete without balloons, banners, streamers and other supplies. You can either use the colors of the Seahawks, Pacific blue, neon green and white, or purchase official decorations with the Seahawks logo from locations such as Party City or other online stores. Examples of party favors with the Seahawks logo include mini footballs, ping pong balls, bead necklaces, confetti wands and “can kaddy’s.” Party supplies available with the Seahawks logo range from plastic utensils and plates, to cups and mugs, to tin foil and table covers.

4. Order a Seahawks-themed birthday cake or cupcakes. Many local bakeries have the ability to create cakes or cupcakes that display the official Seahawks logo. Larger grocery chains such as Albertson’s and Safeway have a few cake theme options to choose from and whole sheet cakes or sets of cupcakes are reasonably priced.

5. Pre-game, post-game and halftime fun. Make a list of tailgating party games you and your guests can play before and after the game, and during halftime. Or maybe you would rather just toss the football around and use this time for singing happy birthday to the special guest, as well as open birthday presents.

Additional Tips To Remember:

  • Honor the commandments of tailgating and make sure to come dressed in your favorite tailgating attire.
  • Be respectful of fellow team fans, both Seahawks and the opposing team, at all times. You should always follow this rule whether you’re a guest in someone’s home or out at a public venue.
  • Come prepared to party! This is no ordinary party as you’re combining a birthday and tailgating into one. So be sure to celebrate and make the most of it.
  • As with any party, ask if there is anything you can contribute. You may be told not to bother, but it is still always a great gesture to offer your host a helping hand.

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Sue Gabel has been writing in the greater Puget Sound/Seattle area since 1999. She writes about music, the Seattle scene and more. Her work can be found on


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