Hyundai: Smartphones Will Be The New Car Keys By 2015

SEOUL, South Korea (CBS Seattle) – Pull out your smartphones and start your engines.

By 2015, drivers may have the ability to unlock cars and start engines by swiping their smartphones near their cars. Hyundai Motor Company of Seoul, South Korea, recently gave a demonstration of the concept at its European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, making a one-time far-fetched dream an attainable reality.

In addition to having the power to start a driver’s car, car systems could have the ability to stream a driver’s favorite music, save seat and mirror settings and wirelessly charge the driver’s smart phone battery if the car is located in the center console, Hyundai executives explained.

“With this technology, Hyundai is able to harness the all-in-one functionality of existing smartphone technology and integrate it into everyday driving in a seamless fashion,” Allan Rushforth, senior vice president and COO of Hyundai Motor Europe, told Mashable.


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