Panhandler Found Dead With $83,000 Worth Of Heroin

YAKIMA, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — A panhandler was found dead with $83,000 worth of heroin in Yakima last Tuesday.

The Yakima Herald reports that Douglas D. Budd, 56, was a well-known panhandler who died in his car from an apparent overdose. In addition to the half-pound of heroin that had a street value of $83,000, Budd also had $1,725 in cash.

Yakima police say Budd died suddenly because he still had the needle in his arm when he was found with his strawberry shake spilled all over him.

Budd used to panhandle on the busy intersection of First Street and Nob Hill Boulevard and was under investigation for drug dealing.

Budd also had a record that included 16 shoplifting misdemeanor convictions, and several felonies for burglary, drug possession and theft of a firearm.

“Some of these guys are violent offenders and have long criminal records,” Capt. Rod Light told the Herald.

Light also said that there are numerous panhandlers down on their luck and homeless, however, the panhandlers that hold signs all day at busy intersections are usually not.


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