Security Company Issues Patent For Robotic Door To Stop Gun Attacks

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Photo shows how the LRD portal would work. (credit: Barbecan Security Systems)

Photo shows how the LRD portal would work. (credit: Barbecan Security Systems)

SEATTLE, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — A Seattle-based security company has issued a patent for its robotic Linear Revolving Door in hopes to stop shooting massacres like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Barbecan Security Systems says its LRD robotic security portal would not allow an armed attacker to enter the building.

“When a threat is detected, the portal reverses and the potential assailant is backed-out of the portal,” the security website states. “Gun control is not the answer.”

The robotic LRD will be able to spot a weapon due to threat sensors.

“Sensor technologies to be incorporated within an LRD Portal, may include but are not limited to metal detectors, chemical, explosive, biological, and radiological sensors, and different scanning technologies including x-ray imaging and penetrating RF imaging such as (UWB) radar imaging or millimeter wave imaging.”

The portal will also have motion sensors that can track the movement of people going through the doors.

“The portal robotically follows their pace as they walk,” the website states. “If the pedestrian walks quickly, the portal door panels move quickly. If they walk slowly, the portal operates slowly. It they stop, the portal stops.”

The portals tops will be sealed as to not be able to pass weapons.

Barbecan Security believes its robotic doors can be used at schools, shopping malls, banks, and stadiums, among others.

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