DIETRICH, Idaho (CBS Seattle) — A teacher is being investigated by Idaho’s professional standards commission after parents complained about him teaching the biology of an orgasm.

The Twin Falls Times-News reports that the trouble began when Dietrich School’s Tim McDaniel was teaching about human reproduction in a tenth-grade biology class and used the word “vagina” during the lesson. McDaniel says four parents complained about him

“I teach straight out of the textbook, I don’t include anything that the textbook doesn’t mention,” McDaniel said. “But I give every student the option (to) not attend this class when I teach on the reproductive system if they don’t feel comfortable with the material.”

The allegations against McDaniel also include him showing a genital herpes infection, teaching different forms of birth control and making inappropriate jokes in class, according to the Times-News.

The school’s superintendent doesn’t believe McDaniel will lose his job over this.

“It is highly unlikely it would end with his dismissal,” Dietrich Superintendent Neil Hollingshead told the Times-News. “Maybe a letter of reprimand from the school board.”

McDaniel does have his supporters as a “SAVE THE SCIENCE TEACHER” Facebook page was created to back him.

“If parents are uncomfortable with what is being taught in their child’s school, than they need to start homeschooling. This teacher has done nothing wrong but give children the proper name for a part of the body,” Paula Morhardt posted on the Facebook page. “If more adults had been taught the proper workings of the different parts of their bodies when younger, perhaps the United States would not be in the ‘shape’ it is in now.”

McDaniel is also being reportedly investigated of promoting a political candidate on school property after showing Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” in his class.

The Dietrich school board is also involved in the matter.


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