PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — Though normally touted for its therapeutic effects, medical marijuana is taking a negative toll on the lives of one local couple.

Gloria and Zane Peterson reside next door to people who grow and partake in medical marijuana, and the smell of it is reportedly making the couple sick.

The smell of the plant is allegedly blown over by fans used in the pot-growing process. Additionally, the smoke from their neighbors’ use of the drug also pollutes the quality of the surrounding air.

“My face gets completely tingly and just paralyzed,” Gloria Peterson told KATU-TV. “And my sinuses burn, my throat burns, my eyes burn from it.”

Zane Peterson noted to the station that the smell from the growing process and smoke itself are also harming their five rescue dogs.

With tensions rising between the neighbors, and Little League teams reportedly practicing near the house growing marijuana, the Petersons are hoping city officials will step in to mediate the problem.

“There needs to be some sort of zoning regulation that there has to be some sort of distance, I believe, between a marijuana grow and a neighbor,” Gloria Peterson was quoted as saying.

However, Portland police informed the station that the legality of medical marijuana creates a legal quagmire for officials who would hope to intercede for the Petersons.


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