Police: 2 Men Steal 5 Tons Of Watermelon To Support Drug Habit

BEAVERTON, Ore. (CBS Seattle) — Two men are accused of stealing 5 tons of watermelon from two grocery stores.

The Oregonian reports that William Jack Traverso, 42, and Brad Taylor, 40, took off with 17 pallets of watermelon at two WinCo stores on June 7 to support their drug habit. The total cost of the stolen watermelons was $7,000.

“It’s very bizarre, but it was a crime of opportunity,” Beaverton Det. Jason Buelt told The Oregonian.

One of the suspects was known by authorities because he used to be a delivery driver for a melon company.

“According to a Canby police officer, everyone knows Brad Taylor as ‘Watermelon Brad,’” Buelt said.

Only five of the stolen pallets have been recovered as authorities believe the majority of the watermelons were sold to local grocers.

Clackamas County authorities arrested Traverso Tuesday night while Taylor remains on the loose.

The two will be charged with first-degree theft and organized theft.


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