(1090 The Fan) – I am actually glad this didn’t work out…

Thursday morning, we gathered various staff members in the CBS Radio building to do Felix Hernandez impressions; everyone was asked to throw a squishy baseball across a large chunk of office space on the second floor. The intent was to create a highlight reel of everyone winding up, throwing and then doing the infamous perfect game pose as a way to digitally celebrate the days Felix is scheduled to pitch.

Well, two things went wrong.

One, Felix’s night on the mound got really ugly real fast last night. Had we produced the video montage, we surely would have been chastised by what’s left of the Seattle Mariners fan base for completely jinxing the King.

But, the montage never really got started — and here’s why…

After all the dudes of the group (The Sandmeyer Show producers Derrick Wakefield, Paul Van Erem and Nathan Fetherolf) had made their pitches, a handful of ladies came up for the shoot. Being half “videographer with a cool idea” and half “moron who thinks squishy baseballs are harmless,” I told KMPS Promotions Coordinator Jenn Hays to simply throw the ball at me (while I was holding the handheld video camera) because it would be “a cool angle.”

Whether the baseball gods didn’t want me imitating one of the greats or Jenn was hiding a fact like she had been an all-state softball pitcher in high school, I paid the price for thinking a woman throwing a squishy baseball at me from five feet away wouldn’t hurt…

Guess what happens?

-Chris Coyle, 1090 The Fan


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