BOISE, Idaho (CBS Seattle) — A dog that recently gave birth to a litter of puppies was shot and killed by police after they say the animal tried to attack them while they were responding to a call.

Gabrielle Stropkai told KTVB-TV that her dog, Kita, was outside while two Boise patrol officers were responding to a theft report.

Stropkai claims her dog had not threatened the officers in any way before Kita was shot.

“In about five seconds he pulled his weapon, asked whose dog it was and shot her in the back of the head,” she told KTVB.

Neighbor Bryan Adams backed Stropkai.

“She was walking by and went ‘ruff ruff’ … and that’s when she was walking by,” Adams told KTVB. “She didn’t jump at him or anything.”

Boise Police said in a statement that the officers felt threatened by the half lab, half pit bull breed.

“The dog came upon the officers quickly and they felt it was about to bite them. This is a very dog friendly community. Many officers have dogs. We work with dogs. Dogs running loose are a safety risk, for people and for the dogs. This was a very unfortunate situation for everyone involved,” Deputy Chief Pete Ritter said in a statement.

Police say other neighbors verify this claim.

Stropkai says she was heartbroken after her dog was shot.

“I ran towards her and grabbed her face, but you could already tell,” Stropkai told the Idaho Statesman. “I felt her take her last breath, and she was dead.”

Stropkai said the bullet went through the back of Kita’s head and out her stomach.

The dog was not on a leash when the incident occurred. Stropkai will not be cited despite Boise having a leash ordinance.


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