PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A convicted bank robber who escaped from a southern Oregon jail by jumping into a tree has been captured after almost a year on the run, authorities said Wednesday.

U.S. marshals arrested Bradley William Monical at an Oregon City home Tuesday afternoon and took him to the jail in nearby Portland, said Andrea Carlson, spokeswoman for the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. Monical was released from that jail Wednesday and was presumably being transferred to the Medford jail from which he escaped on the night of Nov. 19, 2012.

Carlson said investigators were questioning a woman who was with Monical to gauge her involvement in the escape.

Monical, 43, was convicted of robbing a Coos Bay bank in 2011 and sentenced to more than two decades in prison. He was later indicted in the armed robbery of a Jackson County bank, and was awaiting trial on those charges when he escaped from the jail’s third-floor recreation area.

The sheriff’s office said Monical stood on another inmate’s shoulders, removed a piece of metal mesh from the roof covering, and jumped 15 feet into a nearby tree. Heavy rain thwarted a tracker dog as Monical got away.

Trees surrounding the jail were chopped down immediately after the escape, and the roof cover atop the recreation yard was replaced with a stronger material.

Investigators have yet to disclose how they learned Monical was in Oregon City and for how long he was in the Portland area. During the past year, detectives received tips that he was seen in Jackson County, elsewhere in Oregon and in different states.

Besides charges related to the escape, Monical will face additional charges related to bank robberies in Oregon and Idaho.

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