Elderly, Colorblind Man Sees Color For The First Time After Falling

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70-year-old Richard Riggs says he can now see all "the colors of the rainbow." (Getty Images)

70-year-old Richard Riggs says he can now see all “the colors of the rainbow.” (Getty Images)

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YAKIMA, Wash. (CBS Seattle) – An elderly, colorblind man can see color for the first time after falling, according to KIMA-TV.

Richard Riggs has been playing the violin since age 5 and his avid sense of sound had helped him to appreciate the music.

“As a 70 year old man I fall quite a lot, as a matter of fact, cause my legs are not strong,” Riggs told KIMA.

One fall in particular has made Riggs see in color. “I’ve been colorblind since I was born, and at age 70 I see colors of the rainbow now,” Riggs added to the station. “I see shades of pastel, I see a girl with the pink hair right there in this store.”

Riggs is looking forward to seeing more in color. “Every March we take a trip to Hawaii, I can’t wait to get there with my new color sense and watch the flowers…and the bikinis,” Riggs said.

Doctors cannot completely explain how he got his vision of color back. “It’s caused by a genetic pigment defect in the retina of the eye,” Dr. Ross Bethel from Selah Family Medicine told KIMA. “So falling can’t really cure someone.” Bethel suspects that Ross may have suffered a concussion from the fall so he is now able to perceive colors differently.

Riggs has been a music teacher for the last 45 years, and tours the local club scene with his violin.

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