Kuna, Idaho (CBS Seattle) – A family is upset after a naked man broke into their home and defecated on the floor but was not arrested.

“We woke up 6:30 Sunday morning to a naked guy walking into our bedroom,” Tricia Gillaspy told KTVB. “My husband’s like, ‘What the heck is going on?’ And, I’m screaming in utter panic.”

Police say Matthew Coomes, 25, was drinking.  He tried to put shorts on after surprising the couple.

“My husband grabs the gun because we have no idea who this guy is,” Tricia said.  “He’s like, ‘Get out of my house, now!’ But the guy wouldn’t leave. So , he puts the gun to his head and says, ‘I said, get out!’”

While at gunpoint, Coomes started to walk out of the house while Tricia’s husband was on the phone with 911.

“He’s like, ‘There’s a guy in my house. I’m going to shoot him, you better get a cop here now,’” Tricia said.

When police arrived, Coomes was out of the house but still on the Gillaspy’s property.

Tricia was upset at what Coomes did in her house but was more upset when police did not arrest him.

“He craps on my floor, and he must have been playing in it because he streaked it down the side of my walls,” Tricia said. “I go running out the door, and am like, ‘What are you doing?’ I’m like, ‘This guy deserves to go to jail!’”

Ada County prosecutors may charge him with a felony count of malicious injury to property as the damage is over $1,000.

Coomes was charged with two misdemeanors and taken home.  Police later called and said the officer should have arrested Coomes

Kuma Police are still conducting an internal investigation.

Police believe Coomes got in the house through the back door, which was unlocked.

Coomes told police that he had no idea how feces got on the carpet or why his t-shirt and underwear were on the floor in the home.


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