‘Moleman’ Digs Massive Ditches In Seattle Park For Years That Will Cost Taxpayers $60,000 To Restore

SEATTLE (CBS Seattle) —  A person known as the “Moleman” has created a massive problem at an environmentally-protected park, digging ditches that will cost Seattle tens of thousands of dollars to restore.

KIRO-TV reports that “Moleman” has been living in Cheasty Greenspace for the past four years, digging massive ditches that included a retention pond, stairs, furniture and electrical appliances.

“This is not the first time we have asked this individual to leave,” Christopher Williams, acting director for Seattle Parks and Recreation, told KIRO.

Parks officials toured the damage the “Moleman” has done as they continue to look for him to give him a no-trespass order. It’s believed he is a veteran named “James.”

“They believe he’s a vet and this is where he lives and hangs out,” Mark Mead of the Seattle Parks told KIRO.

Williams was concerned about the stability of the ditches the “Moleman” dug.

“There’s actual structural damage done to the earth. This is a steep slope, this is a hillside – the level of damage makes us concerned about the stability of the slope,” Williams told KIRO.

Restoring the ditches will cost nearly $60,000 that taxpayers will be funding.

Neighbors who live near the park say they have been complaining about the “Moleman” for a while.

“They are ignoring their own responsibility as stewards of this land to do something about it,” Ed Newbold told KIRO.

Williams stated that they have reached out to Veterans Affairs and Social Services to help the “Moleman.”

“This individual needs help and we need to make sure he gets the help he needs,” Williams told KIRO.

The cleanup effort begins Friday.


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