SPRINGFIELD, Ore. (CBS Seattle) – A police officer shot a family’s dog in the head Tuesday evening, according to KVAL-TV.

Police received a 911 call reporting that a pit bull was acting aggressively and running around the street unleashed. Sgt. Russ Boring of the Springfield Police Department told KVAL that the caller also stated “the dog was acting in a threatening manner towards a young boy.”

“It was aggressive enough to where there was a gentleman driving down the street who was honking his horn on his car, who placed his car between the dog and the boy, and ended up having the boy get in his car, and drove him away from the scene,” Boring told the station.

According to Boring, an officer responded to the scene and first tried to coax the dog back into its home. The dog was friendly at first, but then became more aggressive and the officer tried to get the dog back into its property.

The pit bull started to growl and snarl at the officer, according to Boring.

The dog approached the officer and the officer felt his life was in danger.

“He had to make a decision right there,” Boring told KVAL. “I don’t think a Taser would have been effective with this aggressive behavior and this dog. I mean, he felt that he was going to be attacked.”

The family arrived home from dinner and saw police activity in their driveway.  They were concerned for the dog when they saw blood. “I pulled in my driveway and there were 5 or 6 cop cares,” Breonna Kerr, the dog’s owner, told KVAL. “And my dog was cornered in my driveway and she had blood, like a gunshot to her head.”

Kerr immediately took the dog to the vet. The vet proposed to leave the bullet in place and recommended antibiotics and pain medications.

Kerr said she and her family do not have money for the dog’s care.

The officer remains on duty as the investigation is currently ongoing.


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