SEATTLE (CBS) — Russell Wilson and Ciara reportedly called off their North Carolina wedding — their first choice location — due to the state’s controversial ‘Bathroom bill.’

“They were first getting married in North Carolina,” Mindy Weiss, the couple’s wedding planner, told The Knot. “But they called it off due to the transgender bathroom laws.”

Weiss said the Seattle Seahawks quarterback and the pop singer also looked at Paris as a wedding destination, but decided against it due to the Fashion Week bustle. The two eventually settled on London, where they tied the knot July 6.

North Carolina’s new HB2 law draws criticism 

North Carolina’s recently-passed law, officially named the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, but often referred to as HB2, requires people in public facilities and schools to use the bathroom designated by the sex on an individual’s birth certificate. HB2 effectively bars transgender people (including employees of those facilities) from choosing a bathroom based on their gender identity.

Critics have called the bill unconstitutional and a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


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